Ille #13 (Oct 8-15 2020)

Ille Galerie is a fast-emerging Munich offspace, showing young artists in public showcases. The project was founded and is curated by Janina Totzauer, Sebastian Quast and Tornike Abuladze.

Leaving their initial location at Barerstr. 77 after ten months and thirteen exhibitions, Ille will evolve into a wandering exhibition series.  

I am happy to announce that I have been chosen to participate in their farewell show Ille #13 (Oct 8-15 2020) where I will show new work.

Exhibition Dates:

Opening: October 8 2020
Duration: October 9 – October 15 2020
Artists: Luciano Peciots, An Laphan, Barabara Posch, Karolin Nirschl, Claudio Matthias Bertolini & Fabian Feichtner feat. The Heartbreakers 

Ille Galerie
Barerstr. 77
80799 München

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