An Laphan (b. 1990) is a German moving-image artist and assemblagist of Vietnamese heritage. His works deal with the representation of trauma, thresholds, in-between states, ancient wounds, notional voids between things, the loss of oral histories, meditations on the idea of absence, doorsteps between map and territory, the cartography of the body, impossible depictions of the corporeal, digital manipulation of skin, the dissection of the ritual, the process of praying, image fetishism and the deconstruction of his anime-fueled aesthetics.

His practice interrogates the dilemma between the fetishized image and the politics of realism. Not only in absurd, visceral and psychological dissections of the moving image in all its patterns and (imaginary) demarcations – the cinematic, the documentary, the video clip, the computer-generated, the manipulation of the still image, the recorded space – but also in expansions into other media, mainly into variations of the sculptural assemblage. Always in transit, the pieces are in constant acts of temporal and spatial translations between origin concept and target medium; as a post-studio body in empty 3D object space, as well as the real-life rendering of a material sculpture in silicone, polyurethane, nylon, steel, aluminum.

His recent work revolves around research and documentary work conducted in the United States and Japan about testimonies by South Vietnamese boat refugees and extreme Buddhist practices, respectively.

He studied New Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich as a master-class student (Meisterschüler) under Prof. Klaus vom Bruch from 2010 on and graduated 2018 with a diploma degree in Fine Arts. He was a participant of the project class of Prof. Julian Rosefeldt.

In 2014/15, he received the scholarship for the exchange programme of the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs Baden-Württemberg. In his time there, he was trained in Video Art under Prof. Isaac Julien and Film Studies and Screenwriting under Prof. Razvan Radulescu.

In 2018 and 2019 he was awarded the USA-Scholarship of the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and the Arts and the Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa Residency, respectively.

Scholarships, Residencies, Nominations

Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa, 2019
Residency programme by the Goethe-Institut in Kyoto, Japan

USA-Scholarship of The Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and the Arts, 2018
Cultural exchange and project scholarship programme for the United States of America

Karl & Faber Prize of The Academy Of Fine Arts Munich Foundation, 2016

Scholarship of The German National Academic Foundation, 2015

Scholarship of The Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs Baden-Württemberg, 2014
Scholarship and exchange programme with the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design (New Media Art Department)


Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 2010-2018
Meisterschüler of Prof. Klaus Vom Bruch (New Media Art/Post-Studio Art); Project Class Prof. Julian Rosefeldt (Time-Based Media)

Karlsruhe University of Art and Design, 2014-2015
Student of Prof. Isaac Julien (Video Art) and Prof. Razvan Radulescu (Film Studies and Screenwriting)

Selected Exhibitions

Ille #13 Ille Galerie, Munich, 2020
Group Exhibition with Claudio Matthias Bertoli & Fabian Feichter feat. The Heartbreakers, Karolin Nirschl, Luciano Pecoits, Barbara Posch, curated by Tornike Abuladze, Sebastian Quast and Janina Totzauer 

Creators@Kamogawa Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa, Kyoto, 2019
Group Exhibition and Panel Discussion with Hideto Fuse, Saskia Groneberg and Tomoki Yamauchi

Innercircle Färberei Köşk, Munich, 2019
Group Exhibition by Bernhard Brnzn McQueen, Jakob Gilg, Benedikt Hipp, Ben Kaufmann, Markus Keibel, Valerie von Könemann, An Laphan, Anna Ley, Christine Liebich, Timur Lukas, Lennart Münchenhagen, Lisa Reitmeier, Laurentius Sauer, Thomas Weidenhaupt, Martin Wöhrl, Esther Zahel

Imaginary Display(s) B’NK’R, Munich, 2018
Group Exhibition, curated by Marie-France Rafael

Cartographist Academy Of Fine Arts Munich, 2018
Graduation Show

Panorama II Academy Of Fine Arts Munich, 2017
Group Exhibition of the Academy Class (Prof. Klaus vom Bruch).

Stop Making Sense, It’s As Good As It Gets. B’NK’R, Munich, 2017
Conceptual programme, curated by Ludwig Engel and Joanna Kamm.

Kopfkino Dachauer Wasserturm, Dachau, 2017
Group Exhibition with Wolf-Roberto Schimpf, Nils Schneitz, Cigdem Aky, Julia Emslander, Eva-Marlene Etzel, Lea Grebe, Dana Greiner, Sebastian Schönfeld, Katharina Lehmann, Analía Martínez, Patrick Ostrowsky, Lena Policzka, Julian Rabus with SUPER REALITY & Florian Tenk, curated by KOORDINATEN (Sophie-Charlotte Bombeck, Ava Lahmann, Bernhard Wolf and Irina Antoniu)

Kino der Kunst Nir Altman Galerie, Munich, 2017
Group Exhibition with Noa Gur and Dionis Erscorsa

Ancestor Simulation Kunstarkaden, Munich, 2017
Group Exhibition with D.A.Y., Iason Konstantinou, Janina Totzauer, Jonas Mayer, Lia Melissa Wehrs, Patrick Tircher, Vanessa Ivan, Violetta Abate, curated by Mehmet Dayi.

Jahresgaben Kunstverein München, Munich, 2016
Group Exhibition, curated by Post Brothers & Chris Fitzpatrick.

Karl & Faber Preis Der Stiftung Kunstakademie München Stiftung Federkiel, Munich, 2016
Group Exhibition

Panorama Academy Of Fine Arts Munich, 2016
Group Exhibition of the Academy Class (Prof. Klaus vom Bruch)

Zimmer Frei Hotel Mariandl, Munich, 2015
Group Exhibition with Simone Kessler, Johannes Evers, Bianca Patricia, Federico Delfrati, Timur Lukas, Lenka Richterová, Mari Iwamoto, Despo Sophocleous, Johannes Karl, Julia Pfaller, Moritz Kipphardt, Anton Bošnjak, Gülbin Ünlü, curated by Mehmet Dayi

Notenfelder – Zurich Bezirksdirektion Maximilian Koch, Munich, 2014
Group Exhibition with Afshin Karimi Fard, Constanze Stumpf, Diogo da Cruz, Despo Sophocleous, Federico Delfrati, Florentin Berner,  Gülbin Ünlü, Hyojoo Jang, Ieva Jakusonoka, Jan Hashagen, Janine Mackenroth, Johanna Klingler, Julia Klemm, Karin Schedlbauer, Katharina Zink, Mira Sattelberger, Klaudia Kolaric, Laurentius Sauer, Lenka Richterová, Mari Iwamoto, Pio Ziltz, Sebastian Schönfeld, Simone Kessler, Timur Lukas, Yoojin Jang, Yeonsoo Kim, curated by Mehmet Dayi.

Parasiten – Academy Of Fine Arts Munich, 2013
Group Exhibition 

HEILIG! – Pavillon 21 Mini Opera Space, Munich, 2011
Group Exhibition