moving-image artist, assemblagist


2-channel video installation (1’00“ loop, 2017)
2·1.78:1 aspeherical widescreen, quadrophonic sound

SEMBLANCE (2017) from An Laphan on Vimeo.

The 2-channel video installation SEMBLANCE deals with questions deriving from the beaudrillardian terms of SIMULACRUM and HYPERREALISM. It centers around the question of how to dissimulate an image without an obvious original.
The objects seen in moving-image are 3D-scanned representations of sculptural works of the artist. The sculptures themselves are created with imagery associated with moving-image (film, animation, video art, etc.) in mind. Thus, the established medial feedback loop further blurs the line of what is and what is not the origin of the image.

Video by AN LAPHAN
Soundscape by OWL YEAH


SEMBLANCE was shown as part of the group exhibition ANCESTOR SIMULATION (with D.A.Y., Iason Konstantinou, Janina Totzauer, Jonas Mayer, Lia Melissa Wehrs, Patrick Tircher, Vanessa Ivan, Violetta Abate, curated by Mehmet Dayi) at Kunstarkaden, Munich, Jan 24 – Feb 18 2017.


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