a collaboration with Owl Yeah (Sebastian Schönfeld)
based upon (311/V, 2018)

1-channel audiovisual miniature (1’00”, 2020)
0.56:1 vertical anamorphic, stereophonic sound

NTY (Not There Yet, 2020) is a haunting examination of failed emergence and purgatory states of the body, realized in collaboration with sound artist Owl Yeah (Sebastian Schönfeld, @owlyeahofficial).

It continues both artists’ long-standing cooperation in interrogating aspects of liminal thresholds, impossible depictions of the corporeal and transmedial assaults on the senses.

Video by An Laphan
Sound by Owl Yeah

NTY Decipher #1 (2020)

Temporal Reconstruction
Composite Image

NTY DECIPHER #2 (2020)

Topographical Reconstruction
Composite Image

© 2020 An Laphan & Sebastian Schönfeld