Light Sleeper

room and sound installation, 2015

Light Sleeper (What if my bed is just a shelf for my body?) transcribes the inner thoughts of an insomniac into a mise-en-scène, occupied by the free-floating sculpture, hovering over the bed and embedded into an ambient sound installation, in which the nocturnal noises of a bedroom – the circulation of the heater, the occasional night traffic on the street, random electrical discharge – are hyperreal. In the way only an insomniac can perceive sound in red-eyed phases of unrest. In nearly intelligible words and almost articulated inner monologue, the thought loops keep the sleeper from sleeping.

The installation plays with the irony inherent to the exhibition space: the hotel, the anonymous transfer zone, exclusively built for resting; but alas, sleeping is impossible in the traffic of the exhibition, in the unfamiliarity of a hotel bed.



© 2015 An Laphan

In Exhibition

The installation has been shown in the group exhibition Zimmer Frei (with Simone Kessler, Johannes Evers, Bianca Patricia, Federico Delfrati, Timur Lukas, Lenka Richterová, Mari Iwamoto, Despo Sophocleous, Johannes Karl, Julia Pfaller, Moritz Kipphardt, Anton Bošnjak, Gülbin Ünlü), curated by Mehmet Dayi in the Hotel Mariandl Oct 13-18 2015.