From the Bee to the Wasp

mixed-material assemblage, 2013

About life and death by reference to the honey bee and the scoliid wasp in two artefacts.

From the Bee to the Wasp simulates the object fetish of altars and reliquary shrines. The boxes show an ironic depiction of vanitas, in which the life-giving effects of bees are juxtaposed the parasitic and deathbringing qualities of the wasp.

Inside the bee box (left): bee larvae, honey, blossoms, fruit kernel, a belly button and a fruit.
Inside the wasp box (right): a rose chafer in epoxy resin (pierced), the idea of the wasp as parasite, the shells of her hosts, one orange peel.

In honor of the hermeticist poetry.

© 2013 An Laphan

In Exhibition