FLAW (2013/2016)

1-channel video (2’15”, 2013/2016)
2.00:1 aspherical widescreen, stereophonic audio

FLAW explores the cartography of the body through extreme close-ups of one’s own physical ‘imperfections‘, accompanied by a soundtrack full of distortions and acoustic textures by SEBASTIAN SCHÖNFELD (OWL YEAH).
A clinical examination of body parts and an honest, intimate self-portrait whose images highlight specific details – hair follicles, freckles, blemishes, pores, orifices, cuts. It is nearly impossible to identify what is shown with images bordering the abstract. (Text: POST BROTHERS)

Video by AN LAPHAN
Soundscape by OWL YEAH



FLAW was shown as part of the cinema program of the annual JAHRESGABEN exhibition in KUNSTVEREIN MÜNCHEN (DEC 3-11 2016), together with moving-image artworks by Elke Dreier, Nichts Geschossen, M+M, Jovana Reisinger, Yves-Michele Saß, Susanne Steinmassl & Julia Stiebert and Angela Stiegler.

© 2016 AN LAPHAN