moving-image artist, assemblagist

FLAW (2013/2016)

1-channel video (2’15“, 2013/2016)
2.00:1 aspherical widescreen, stereophonic audio

FLAW (2016) from An Laphan on Vimeo.

Cartographing my flawed body.

Video by AN LAPHAN
Soundscape by OWL YEAH


FLAW was shown as part of the cinema program of the annual JAHRES-GABEN exhibition in KUNSTVEREIN MÜNCHEN (DEC 3-11 2016), together with moving-image artworks by Elke Dreier, Nichts Geschossen, M+M, Jovana Reisinger, Yves-Michele Saß, Susanne Steinmassl & Julia Stiebert and Angela Stiegler.

© 2016 AN LAPHAN 

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