A Rosemary Prayer

Narrative Fragments A; B

2-channel composite (1‘41‘‘, 2015/2017)
2 ⋅ 2.00:1 spherical widescreen, stereophonic sound

A Rosemary Prayer is an ongoing speculative film narration, in which the disappearance of a person and its repercussions are depicted in ever-changing perspectives and timelines.

The artwork emerges as a narrative jigsaw puzzle through the incremental release of its cinematic fragments.

Credits (A; B)

Featuring Max Viktor Herbert, Bianca Kennedy & An Laphan

Directed by An Laphan
Cinematography by An Laphan and Victor Van Wetten
Visual Effects by Victor Van Wetten
Sound Design by Sebastian Schönfeld (Owl Yeah)
Set Sound by Carina Obrecht

© 2017 An Laphan